Intensive Driving Courses In Chelmsford

Intensive Driving Courses In Essex

If time is an issue then taking intensive driving lessons may be the best thing for you. Depending on your previous experience, they can be taken over a week or a few months.

To give you a rough guide, if your driving experience is pretty much nothing, then it probably would be best to spread the lessons out over a minimum period of 2-3 weeks. Very few people can cope with the 1 week courses you might’ve read about. With these, the reality is a large percentage of people fail the test, then have to take more lessons before retaking it. Learning how to drive over a slightly longer period makes sure the skills get time to stick.

If you are thinking about taking lessons over a shorter period, then booking a free assessment lessons is a good place to start. Not only will you get a chance to see how our Instructors teach, but they will also be able to give you a rough idea of how many hours it may take you to be ready for the driving test.

If you have any questions or you would like to book your first drive, please contact us.

Below is a look at the prices for our intensive lessons in Essex including Romford, Hornchurch, Upminster and Brentwood:

10 Hours – £210
Ideal for a recently failed test

20 Hours – £410
For someone who has had a reasonable number of lessons,
or after taking a long break

30 Hours – £615
Ideal if you have basic knowledge of driving

40 Hours – £800
Perfect for starting from the beginning

50 Hours – £1000
Designed for the nervous driver