driving lessons chelmsfordWith Rob Laird based in Great Baddow, he is perfectly placed to provide driving lessons in Chelmsford. If you are looking to learn to drive in this area, we can help you overcome local issues and tricky areas such as the Army and Navy roundabout and the Boreham Interchange.

Chelmsford is also lucky enough to have both a theory and driving test centre within the city centre so you won’t need to travel too far from familiar roads. The theory test centre can be found on New London Road, opposite the job centre. The driving test centre is on Hoffmans Way, which is very near to the University.

Intensive Driving Courses

So time is not on your side. Maybe you need to pass quickly for a job, or just to make it easier to get to and from college. Whatever your reason, an intensive driving course may be the thing for you. If you’re thinking of taking this path, the best thing would be to take advantage of our first hour free offer. ┬áThis gives you chance to meet your Driving Instructor, and it also gives them a chance to get a better idea of your experience. After this, they will be able to give you a better idea of how many hours you will need to be ready for the driving test.

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